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Arrival! December 3, 2005

Posted by ditta in Uncategorized.

..long long trip. One one the longest I ever did I think.. first, the flight to D.C. – about 7 hours, then a break at the dull Dulles Airport during which I had a nice chat with Chris travelling to Connecticut, who managed to miss his flight (hope you got there alright 😉 and then 9.15 hour long flight to Sao Paulo.. which was ok, slept most of it and exchange some of my Rio experiences with a Dutch Serbian who is going to travel around here for a year..

Then finally Sao Paulo. In spite of my good intentions, of course did not manage to pack ´light´, so was practicing body-building around the airport till found a bus to Tiete bus station, where after my first guarana and local mozarella sandwich continued for another 8 hours to Belo Horizonte.

So left my house in Adam at 9AM on 1st Dec and arrived here at 10PM on 2 Dec (which is 1AM CET)..

Feel good, cause as I do not have troubles with sleeping anywhere, enjoyed most of the travel with closed eyes..

Well, saw actually the beautiful nature – mountains and forests between S.P. and B.H., of which I took some pictures, but too lazy to download them now..

So met Kelly and her friends (Fernanda and Paulo) at the station, and thanks you their wonderful hospitability and great chat about education in Brazil, I am ready to go to bed (with full stomach and cleaned body).

ate amanha.. dd



1. bicyclemark - December 3, 2005

I was sitting eating dinner around 10pm CET thinking.. I wonder if she’s there already or still stuck in DC. And then yesterday a little message — conforting to know you’ve arrived safe.. and yes.. I was thinking your luggage was insanely heavy, but who am I to stop DD from doing her thing, her way.

beijinhos do teu vizinho.

2. ditta - December 4, 2005

thanks mark. very sweet of you..
my back still hurts a bit but again hope that by the end of the trip will build some endurance and resistance 😉 left you a message on skype today..
Bjs dd

3. ditta - December 5, 2005

Ahoj Didi,
s velkym zaumom a radostou citam Tvoje riadky-vies si predstavit, ako sa s Tebou tesim.Len pis, co najviac…super vec je to…myslim na Teba, pusu mami Z.

4. ditta - December 16, 2005

Mila moja DIDI,
chybaju mi nove spravy, dufam, ze len nemas cas pisat, alebo nemas moznost pripojenia. Prajem Ti krasny vikend-vsetko dobre,
pozdravy aj od Dajky,Leonka mami Zuzi

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