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Ouro Preto December 4, 2005

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Hi there! It is 21.21 here now and I feel as if it was after midnight.. so apologies if what I am going to share is a bit confusing. Also today there are no pictures, as staying tonight at Regina´s place in Betim and left my cables in B.H. – so you will have to wait for that.. (..pictures added later..)

Today had a chance to discover a huge part of Brazilian / Portuguese history through the Golden Mines of Minas Gerais with its most famous city of slave revolution in Ouro Preto. Ouro Preto ditta in ouro preto

A beautifully preserved historical town of 70.000 inhabitants, based on a number of pitoresque mountains, with 20 amazing churches from 17th century , and more than 2000 city mines of which we visited one (we did not find any gold though 😉 .  

We had a wonderful guide o seu Pedro, who told us the history of Tira-dentes (tooth-puller) – a former dentist who became a hero by leading a revolution againt the rule of portuguese slave owners; a story of Aleijadinho a local artist who got famous for creating sculptures and painting the churches interior on wood (in spite of his advanced leprosia) and much more that is difficult to describe..

Also Regina who picked us up in B.H. at sunday market for which we had to get up at 6.30AM (ouch! – but was a great experience hearing on a public space my favourite music of Bossa nova, Tribalistas, etc), and accompanied Kelly and me to Ouro Preto regina ditta kelly, told us amazing stories from the region where she worked for a long time as a NGO activist and also from her municipality of Betim, where she works as one of the elected staff, and where we are now at her house..

Tomorrow we continue visiting Betim, this peripheric city to B.H. about 30 km away, with 2,5 mil inhabitants with the poorest neighborhood in the region. Apparently will visit some micro-credit projects, and some social movements.. before returning in the late afternoon to B.H. for an excursion to a class of oral history – story telling.

enjoying myself a lot, although tired, and missing you all lots!

BTW have a new brazilian mobile (yes I know as if all my numbers were not enough 😉 so in case you need to reach me: + 55 31 88 62 79 65. Am not sure though whether it works for Slovakia, as tried to send some messages home and it did not work.. but well will try again.

Ate amanha.. dd



1. bicyclemark - December 5, 2005

Ai esse Aleijadinho… appropriate name obviously. Text messages probably wont work as I believe Brazil uses the CDMA system like the US.. though Ive been known to be wrong in this life… and Ive not yet been to Os Estados Unidos do Brasil. I’ve resized the photos in the previous posts.. hope the public enjoys them.

2. ditta - December 6, 2005

actually it works! run out of credit so cannto proove it to you now, but both oksana and my mum in Slovakia got my message 🙂
ate amanha dd

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