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Araçuaí December 7, 2005

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after a 12 hour long trip through the Mineiras mountains, in a huge storm that I thought would never end, and in a super freezing air-conditioned bus, for which Kelly was luckily prepared by taking a blanket, we ended up at 7.30AM in Araçuaí, a town of 40,000 inhabitants, in one of the poorer areas in the region.  aracuai 

The whole day, Kelly (with me accompanying her) had a meeting with about 8 women discussing a project called ´Locomotive of Transformation´ targeted at teenagers and young people, and educators working with them. The project will take place in 8 different municipalities around the Valley. This female team was now developing and adapting the project in order to be able to submit an application for EU funding for microprojects promoting human rights.

kelly at work

The team shared experiences of community work, and their difficulties to address teenagers and young people due to their ´uninterest´ and educators inexperience to work with them. That is why Kelly and the Instituto Xeromoa, an organisation Kelly developed 5 years ago, will help them to work in this project and develop teacher training on HR for youth, and peer education with youth as well. Tomorrow will visit two of the project towns: Baixa Quente 10km south, and Coronel Murta, 42km north.

now just chilling in a e-cafe ditta and kelly 

(which we surprisingly found even here! Apparently there are more than 3!)

till later Ditta



1. Álbano - June 4, 2006

hey! I am Brazilian, and I am of the Araçuai city!
I live in the capital of the state (belo horizonte ‘beautiful horizon’ in english), I study engineering here, would like to know about the experience that you had in my city.
meet in my msn, we will be friends!!! magobanu@hotmail.com
I adored the site

2. iris mendes - June 27, 2006

ja faz, 8 anos que moro aqui em teofilo otoni , mais cinto muita saudade desta cidade maravilhosa , com certeza estar precisando, dar uma melhorada em varios aspectos , colocar umas fotos , dos pontos turisticos ,,, um abraco iris mendes

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