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..discovery? December 12, 2005

Posted by ditta in Uncategorized.

one more thing – the other day I realised something that never occured to me before! Forget my stupidity because I am sure I must fo learned it some tiem at school – but this is for the first time that I really got it: the moon in the Southern hemisphere grows from the other side.

Yes, now that I write it seems pretty obvious, but for a moment it really confused me (for some reasons specific to the functioning of women body).

but the real discovery was something else: around a shiny growing moon – in an opposite way – I saw this amazingly beautiful huge Moon aura on the sky. I wonder what it is called in some scientific language and why I never really saw it before – does it occur only in the equatorial area??

well, if any of you know, would love to hear about it 😉

boa noite



1. ditta - January 3, 2006

Stastny Novy rok moja draha Didi aj pisomnou formou: Velmi som sa tesila Ta pocut . Nech sa Ti nadarej dari a uzivaj si dovolenku v plnom zdravi a stasti. Stale myslime na Teba. Ak sa Ti podari, zatelefonuj. Pusu mami Zuzi

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