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Chapada da Diamantina December 17, 2005

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wow.. a little time of from internet..

I can t believe it was only yesterday (2AM) when we after more than 22 hours of trip by binga binga bus (a bus that goes through all the possible shity mud roads full of wholes – the worst you can possibly imagine) which took us 7 hours to make 330km, and then a taxi an old WV, which did not have proper breaks, I think also oil, and many other liquids necessery for a car functioning, we safely arrived to Lençois to the National Park of Chapada da Diamantina to our Poussada Nossa Casa, where we are staying for a couple of days..

The day of full time travel was not as bad as it could of been if we did not listen to Seu Demi and went via Vitoria da Conquista… but we did and we took the way via Bom Jesus da Lapa, on the first glance a regular small city, although we heard that quite religious.. but we discovered an amazing cave/ church Bom-Jesus-da-Lapa-(9).jpg Bom-Jesus-da-Lapa-(14).jpg Bom-Jesus-da-Lapa-(15).jpg Bom-Jesus-da-Lapa-(16).jpg Bom-Jesus-da-Lapa-(22).jpg and even more amazing rocks with a beautiful view over the city and Rio Sao Francisco..Bom-Jesus-da-Lapa-(41).jpg Bom-Jesus-da-Lapa-(29).jpg, where we also encountered preas: prea.jpg and monkeys – macacos macacos.jpg.. then we had the wonderful amazonian delicates -açai with fruits: acai.jpg

well, after the arrival yesterday, we had a great breakfast full of local specialties, home made acerola juice maniok pancakes, etc… then we slept until lunch, and went for a 18km horse ride to a rio capuvara Chapada-Day-1-(17).jpg.. was amazing diita-on-the-horse.jpg kelly-on-the-horse.jpg. especially our guide who only with one hand manage to guide a horse as well as us.. showing us the trees of local jaca: Chapada-Day-1.jpg and jenipapo jenipapo.jpg an giving us caju (the fresh fruit of what you know as cashew nut): kelly-eating-caju.jpg

then a relaxed evening in the city of lençois, a very beautiful one…

and this morning an early trip to the famous cachoeira da fumaça – a smoking water fall.. Cachoeira-da-Fumaca-1.jpg  Cachoeira-da-Fumaca.jpg ditta-flying-above-cachoeir.jpg dd-kelly.jpgabout a 2,5 hour walking/ trekking trip through amazing mountains Cachoeira-da-Fumaca-2.jpg.. which ended in a cachoeira  for a water fall shower and a bath..after-bath-cachoeira-riachi.jpg (this is after the bath.. in what you see behind us..)

now after a good dinner and a caipirinha meeting the locals for a dance of forro..

until later..

this time with a sunten..





1. Karina - December 19, 2005

Oh my, so many beautiful pictures, Ditta! Amazing!..
I felt like taking a dive into your journey and exploring caves and cachoeiras with you 🙂

thank you for your stories
and festive greetings from now ?hilly Amsterdam! 😉

2. Ditta - December 21, 2005

Hey Karina!

Greetings back! Hope you are enjoying the chilly Adam.

Wish you great vacations!

Kisses, dd

3. lucianop19 - August 9, 2006

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