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from salvador… December 19, 2005

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..starting to loose track of when I wrote the last time.. but am well, with more sunten, and a healthier spirit regained by walking through the mountains of Chapada da Diamantina, swimming in its water falls and laughing with the new acquaintances from all over brazil and the local guides.. no pictures yet from our visit of the Poço do Diablo, an amazing water fall, where they use to threaten to throw slaves as part of the torture – the story took away my willingness to swim in it – but only for a while, the amazing hike to the Morro do Pai Inácio and the view from there on the outher mountains of the Three brothers and the Camel mountain, followed by an 2hour visit of a huge cave – Gruta da Lapa Doce. – this was all the day before yesterday, which was I think saturday. You may find more on the treks we did on the site of the agency Lentur – www.lentur.com.br  we used to make our trips (fully recommend). Met great people and a Dadão our guide, who was not only knowledgeable of the area but also fun full of stories.. next time just wish to stay longer and to be in a condition to make 3 -5 day hikes with sleeping in teh nature.. but there is always a next time 😉

yesterday, was a quiet day with a long brunch followed by a short hike, which we did with Kelly alone – without a guide to the places close to Lençois – Serrano, Cachoeirinha and Cachoeira da Primavera.  I dont know how many of you had the opportunity to have a bath, as they call it here in a water fall, or rather a shower, but it is the most refreshing experience of the body and spirit I can thin of 🙂

after our last dinner in lençois in an italian restaurant run by Stefano from Genova, and wonderful desert at Sonia´s sweet shop, goodbyes, etc. we took again the night bus to Salvador, where we arrived this morning at 6AM.

after having slept half of the day at kelly´s house while kely was at meetings, we are checking the mail before taking the boat in the late afternoon to Ilheus, and the southern bahia where we will spend the coming 2-3 days – this time on the beaches..

so until more soon, hopefully with pictures.

kisses to the cold europe and anywhere you are.





1. bicyclemark - December 19, 2005

I have that Caetano song in my head “Bahia.. estação primeira do brasil…” Greetings from the frozen Philadelphia.

2. Gérard - December 19, 2005

Hie Ditta,
Il fait froid à Paris mais la danse est bien. On a fêté, à l’avance, Hanuka. Seras-tu de retour pour le 25/26 février ? Si oui, as-tu l’intention de venir au stage de Dudu (Vincent y sera) ? Car il ne reste que 10 places…
Je t’embrasse fort et te souhaite beaucoup de joie et d’amour. Vive la vie.

3. Oksana - December 20, 2005

Hi darling!!!
I see you are losing the sense ot time. It’s a good sign! As our life is filled with much more precious things than just minutes, hours, days and years.
and I am happy to hear you are truely enjoying your Brazil. Pictures from the previous report are amazing! Wish I could gain a peep into your world over there.
Here is BTW not that cold. Around plus 10. I am not sure we are getting frosty, snowy Christmas. For this I should have gone home. But this issue we’ve discussed and you know all my reasons. So will hope for some snow here.
Sorry, haven’t had yet time to look for the addresses you asked. If you still need them will try to do this these days.
Take good care and go on having fun!!!
love, OK

4. Ditta - December 21, 2005

Mark – how is Phillie? Hope you are having a great time there.. thanks for musical support 😉 will try to go to the new Brazilian film on Vinicius de Moraes on friday, will report on that 🙂

Gerard – merci pour ton message!!! Oui la vie est certainement belle d´ici 😉 et puis non, je serai pas a Paris en fevrier cette annee.. Je serai au carnaval de Recife – aussi dançante – le samba.. Mais en tout cas, bisous a tous – Dudu et Vincent, et evidemment a toi!!! Bonne fetes!

Oksana – darling, how was the dancing the other night? Was thinking of you dancing forro and lambada in Lencois 😉 hope you are enjoying the Adam cold, finishing all exams and preparing for new experiences of festive times 🙂 if you have time to look for the addresses it is great, but may be it is mission impossible as I have no idea where it could be – I just remember it is in one of the boxes (probably small ones I gave to you..) well see.. kisses from camamú, dd

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