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Happy Xmas and Chanuka from 40 degrees Petrolina December 24, 2005

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so after quite some time, again on internet. Well, I did not manage to wish you all personally happy holidays, so at least in this form, thinking of all of you in Bratislava, Amsterdam, Lisboa, Novi Sad, Prague, London, Helsinki, Berlin, Brussels, NY, Japur, Strasbourg, Haifa, and all the other places I do not manage to name – including places in Brazil…  SO:

Vesele sviatky! Feliz Natal! et bonnes fetes a tous!

The past few days, were no different from hectic.

so just a quick recapitulation before I forget what I did 😉 although have wonderful pictures to remind myself – but those some other time..

Dec 21 – Ilhas de Camamú

wonderful – we hired a boat called ´Messengeiro do Amor´ together with a young conductor, and the seven of us – Serge and his family, Kelly and I enjoyed the amazing archipelago with mangroves and virgin beaches basically the ´whole day´ – from 8AM until lunch break at around 1,30PM for which we came back to Camamu, to take a shower before our continous travel to Ilheus. Our 3PM bus was delayed for 2 hours, and after about two hour trip on the way through ´Travessao´ (this place could not have a better name), where I bus driver hit a little ´stand-shop´ placed on the road, we got delayed for another hour… but all well, we arrived to Ilheus at 8PM. Found a place to stay after seeing some very depressing pousadas in a Hotel Britanica rigth in front of the house of the famous brazilian writer Jorge Amado, which I visited in the next morning. Had a wonderful huge dinner and went for a short walk to the city beach to relax.. nice, very pleasant evening in a warmth windy city of Ilheus..

Dec 22 – woke up really late, had wonderful breakfast with mini papayas, chocolate and manioc-coconut cakes and even coffee! went for a short walk through an already heated city full of people doing Xmas shopping.. so we joined them for a while, before meeting people from the School ´Escola familiar agricola margarida alves´, Alba and Genesco, local artists who co-work on the project had lunch and a familiarising talk with them and drove to the school settlement, where spent the rest of the afternoon seeing the constructions of the kids dormitories (my father would probably disapprove the the buildings from the architectural point of view and the uman needs, but for the local reality that is already a huge improvement comparing to what they are using for the kinds until so far.. still had some internal issues with it..), and assisted a meeting with the whole group on the further project development. Interesting stimulating, but also a little depressing..

then back to down town to recover at a little market, regain energy by calling finally home – mami, Janko, Dianka, Leonko – was so great to hear you! which was followed by a ´jogo de buzios´ – something my mum would certainly dissaproved of as a witch craft, but which is an integral part of Bahian culture, so why not to try it 😉 – so apparently my patrons in the system of the Afro-Brazilian Orixas are Yemanja a queen of the sea and Xangô, the warrior. The lady called Maria told me that will have a long life and two children – twins – a boy and a girl 🙂 and that everything in the coming year will be good for me 🙂 so now I can be happy… (she said also some other things, but well, cannot make it all public right 😉

then we had a lovely arab food dinner with Kelly and walked through the fair at the beach and again rushed to the bus for the next 8 hour long trip to Salvador..

Dec 23 – Salvador

arrived early in the morning and left for petrolina at midnight. In between we had a long intensive hot day in down-town – doing shopping Salvador-(3)-Xmas-in-a-shop.jpg, buying boat tickets at various place for the NY party, eating lovely food, and taking public bus all over the town. When we thorugh we had arranged most of what we had to, we sat in front of the Mercado Modelo and in the rigth bahaian way we had our hair fixed by some big mama and her daughters, who took 1,5 hour to make a wonderful afro-style from kelly´s amazing hair (yes pictures will follow) and 3 min to make half of my head look organised in little snakes. Salvador-(8).jpg  Salvador-(6)-after.jpg Salvador-(14)-final.jpg

To fully enjoy the pre-Xmas atmosphere, we took the city elevador to Pelourinho and saw an amazing children signing show which was arrange on a square, with a stage and all surrounding buildings being harmonised into one full choreography of dance, singing and show – they even had a artificial snow made of shiny silver powder.

 Salvador-(16).jpg  Salvador-(17)-by-night.jpg

After this super show, again taxi – as alte as always and rush to kelly´s place to pack and go to the rodoviaria..

the contract between the over cooled 20 degree bus and the place of arrival was smoothened a bit by some clouds, but by the time we recovered the temperature was hitting 40. So we chilled with Kelly´s mum, grand-ma, uncles and cousins, and later explored the town before now soon heading back to take a refreshing shower and dinner..

petrolina Petrolina-Rio.jpg

So once again, happy holidays wherever you are! and until soon!




1. bicyclemark - December 25, 2005

Minha querida… sempre um prazer de ler as aventuras… feliz chanuka daqui em Nova Iorque onde agora estou. mais tarde prometo que arranjo as fotos para ficarem maiores. beijinhos.

2. ditta - December 25, 2005

Oi Markinho! Muito obrigada por su mensagems.. Estou sempre feliz quando ouve de voce. beijinhos a nova iorque..

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