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Xmas party ´a la Brazilian´ December 25, 2005

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.. not that I have nothing else to do, but having a little moment on my own in Petroline I thought I may also share some of my impressions form Brazilian heated Xmas…

may be first some a few intro words about Kelly family (from her mum´s side), Kelly grand-ma, today 83 years old lady (her husband passed away more than 20 years ago), has 13 children, many of which actually came for the Xmas party – although Kelly said that the party was quite small – about 30 people.

When we came back from the walk yesterday, the house´s courtyard, where the party tookplace was wonderfully decorated by Kelly´s mum with white and red balloons, and a huge table was set with amazingly cut and arranged tropical fruits. In the back side of the courtyard, barbecue was getting ready.


The party started around 9PM with a self-serviced dinner with grilled meat, lots of wonderul tropical salads – a mixture of fruits (pinapple, apples, mango, raisins, etc.) and vegetables; variety of rice, of course unthinkable beans and various soft drinks. Following food, Kelly´s cousin Marcia, in disguise, prepared for the whole community of adults, children, teenagers and elderly some ´brincas´ – games for fun, silly simple participatory games which made the whole family laugh and feel together.

 Petrolina-Xmas-games.jpg Petrolina-Xmas-poetry.jpg

Then we played the secret friend game, where everybody had to prepare a little gift for some one else selected from a basket with little papers.. and so we played way after mdinight. The serie of games ended with a reflection over the past year and the coming one based on a little stone everyone got as an example of her/his imperfect life (the shapes of the stones were sometimes quite sharp 😉

this all was intermixed with storytelling by Kelly´s uncle, Kelly, Kelly´s mum and some other aunts and cousins, and a well installed caraoke show, a dvd player with two microphones where especially Majorlie (Kelly´s sister) and Thalis (Kelly´s god son) tried their best to perform Axe, MPB and the golden brazilian classics..


went to bed finally after 4AM. was fun, although nothing to do with European notion of Xmas 🙂

hope you had all fun too..

and happy Chanuka for those starting to light the candles tonight.


PS: BTW thank you all for your lovely messages: mum, Diana, Oksana, Sergio, Dwight, Karolina, Fio, etc. was great to hear from you!!



1. Nina - December 26, 2005

Namaste and Happy Holidays from Jaipur – good to see that you’re havign a great time and are in good hands..
guess i skipped xmas this year, am surrounded by devoted hindus.. 😉
oh, would be so nice if you’d just come over here to this crazy place – and pls bring lots of brazilian spirit: these folks here are impossible..!
being surrounded by India 24/7 is, well, very intense..!
yes, i miss europe/ the americas today!!! bring me a drink! or two..


2. ditta - December 27, 2005

Dear Nini, thinking if you lots these days, and how is it to be in a completely different contexts in all aspects – as here in Brazil, the Euro-American culture is somehow present everywhere even if hidden among its brazilian surface.. yesterday I had this quite strange feeling lying in the net at Kelly´s gran-ma place watching the stars, discussing Chanuka and Jewish holidays with Kelly´s mum, listening to Slovak Folk Dance CD I brought with me as a present – after which we switched to Caetano Velhoso and brazilian bossa nova, and somehow it felt like ´home´. after the NY I should be able to get to skype so hope we have a chance to talk soon. till then well, take care and hope you have at least some sort of funky indina NY party! beijo, dd

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