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relaxing in Petrolina and the Sao Francisco river December 27, 2005

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after a full day of rest on the 25th – doing nothing much Petrolina-doing-nothing.jpg

just hanging around the house and chatting with different family members, and a long evening walk to have the famous ´Petroliense Bode´ a wonderfully grilled goat meat – a local delicatesse at a place looking like american commercial ranch-type restaurants called ´Bododromo´ – from ´Bode´ meaning goat, reflecting the idea of ´autodromo´ 🙂 Petrolina-Bododromo.jpg Petrolina-bode.jpg Petrolina-bode-meat.jpg

yesterday, we went for a trip to the island at the Sao Francisco river. There I got introduced to the brazilian version of ´Canasta´ called Buraco, in which after a few games of practice, interrupted by just enough swimming in the river, I started to excel 🙂

Petrolina-rio-and-boat.jpg Petrolina-island.jpg Petrolina-rio-sao-francisco.jpg Petrolina-card-winners.jpg

in the evening I just realised that ´my very tanned skin´ on my shoulders decided to give away in spite of the sun protectors and the day spent in shadow, but as nothing leaving Petrolina for Salvador and right after to Morro de Sao Paulo (this is the marvel place I am going to spend the coming few days http://www.morrodesaopaulo.com.br, more specifically http://www.tocadotatupousada.com.br/), I am sure I will have a chance to catch it up.. the evening was spent by cooking (Kelly and me – after more than a month I managed to get to a kitchen 😉 and wonderful relaxation 🙂

Petrolina-kelly-cooking.jpg Petrolina-dd-cooking.jpg Petrolina-kelly-family.jpg Petrolina-kelly-family1.jpg Petrolina-ditta-relaxing.jpg

today still sightseeing in the super hot petrolina taking lots of breaks in the airconditioned  spaces such as the post-office, bank, shopping-centres and e-cafe..

so the show goes on until the evening travel to Salvador..

till later – may be from the paradise (former-pirate´s) island of Morro de Sao Paulo.




1. Oksana - December 27, 2005

Darling, you say you are peeling off? Could hardly imagine in these cold days here. Finally we got it snowy here. It’s been a beautiful day today, though lack of experience with snow and cold made many people here as usual complain about the weather. And cold wind played his crutial role too. But enough of the weatherforecast.
You are being missed here! But I don’t want to see you before you get fixed suntan. So that has been a first try, go ahead and get one of a better quality!
Had a lovely Christmas eve with Natasha, Bart, Temo, my friend Janna (who came from Paris). Everyone sends your greetings and wishing a great time.
Working this week hard. The end of the year doesn’t seem relaxing, but definitely will catch up at the weekend and next week. happy to hear about your time dedicated to simple and enjoyable things.
Just finished “The shadow of the wind”. Now know why it kept you nights up.
Avivit is in Spain, tomorrow going to visit her poor pussycat who is all on her own. You see, as usual keep myself busy.
Go on enjoying every minute…
Thinking of you , especially when go dancing salsa.
kisses Oksana

2. ditta - December 31, 2005

happy new year, hope you are dancing a lot, thinking of you loads!
have a great party and will celebrate mroe when back 😉 kisses dd

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