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from Recife – Youth Voices of Pernambuco January 17, 2006

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..so back from Amazon region, which was a great experience and where I met amazing people – warm, honest, welcoming and willing to share their knowledge and spiritual way of living. Spent a day (Sunday) in Brasilia, where basically tried to recover from a night flight by having a wonderful breakfast at Dudu’s terrace, doing laundry, and having a bath in the local cachoeira (water fall) only 2 min walk from Dudu’s house..

dudu-house1.jpg dudu-house.jpg 

dudu-cachoeira.jpg ditta-in-du-cachoeira.jpg

..at 23.30 landed in warm and humid Recife to the reality of the ‘opposite world’ from the quietness of forest and the calm of Rio Branco.. the shock of arriving to a luxurious hotel Antlante Plaza (http://www.atlanteplaza.com.br/) at the beach ‘praia de boa viagem’ of Recife and discovering that the following morning am supposed to help with a facilitation of a workshop – as a consultative process of Pernambucan youth on their conditions of living for the World Development Report on Youth of the World Bank – did not let me go to bed very early..

view-from-th-hotel.jpg – view from the Hotel

The conference started in a Brazilian fashion – although the programme indicated a start of the programme at 9AM, in reality, at 9AM participants, organisers and invitees slowly gathered for an informal breakfast in the lobby, which lasted until 10.30AM, when eventually almost all where present.

The logistics at a professional level with good simultaneous translation Portuguese/ English in the plenary as well as sign language from both languages for those who could not hear, were appreciated by all (especially the 10 member world bank staff out of whom only one Austrian young man spoke portuguese).

The meeting started with introductions of the programme and the purpose and concept of the World Development Report on Youth of the World Bank, which is being conducted in 30 countries of the world, and with four grass-root country consultations one of which is Brasil (next to Vietnam, Egypt and Siera Leone).

..after the plenary presentation of the large team of support, the world bank, and the different facilitators and reporters, we went outside to the hotel’s terrace with a beach view, to participate in an interactive exercise of getting to know each other through a local dance of Siranga. During the dance we all created all kinds of sub-groups representing the diversity of the overall group and we ended up in seven ‘identity groups’ (quilombos, indigenous, disabled, rural, urban, gender and staff) which formulated expectations of the conference and were a base of the working groups.

seringa.jpg – dancing seringa capoeira.jpg – capoeira during ‘coffee break’

plenary.jpg – plenary presentation with hip hop  barbara-eloa.jpg – new friends Eloa and Barbara from Min for Promotion of Racial Equality working with Quilombolo youth

The diversity of Pernambucan youth present is really something amazing, as well as the diversity of the organisations they represent – both NGO and political, municipalities and state youth institutions – which gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn about the conditions of young people as well as listen to some interesting personal stories of some really young (15 years old) youth workers working with marginalised youth.

However, to facilitate a group of 20 pernambucan youth leaders from the urban area (which is the group I was assigned to together with a youth leader from a neighbouring state of Ceara), turned out to be a huge challenge. Forget about communications rules and a decent debate where one listens where the other talks and people don’t shout and wait for each others’ word. Truly, was not ready for that, but after my initial shock, and an offered cumulative methodology not allowing too many fights, the outcomes turned out quite well. Definitely was a lesson about different youth cultures (especially when I visited the other groups, where the working atmosphere was simply completely different – all rural, quilombos and indigenous were super respectful and discussed in calm), and a test to my facilitation skills.. but as a result met lots of interesting people and made enough contacts to visit projects during my next visit of Pernambuco in February.

yesterday evening spent in the company of the youth politician and technical elites from Brasilia’s federal office, the pernambucan state and municipality offices and the World Bank staff put the whole brazilian youth policy making into a different perspective. Still hope to gain more information on that next week, when back in Brasilia..

well, as the conference goes still on its second phase as the consultation with the world bank has finished today. tomorrow we will concentrate on the youth processes here in Pernambuco and the possible activities that can take place in the coming year here in Pernambuco.

so, more soon, now back to the plenary..







1. bicyclemark - January 17, 2006

this text alone sounds stressful. But it seems you’re taking it in stride.

2. ditta - January 18, 2006

well, that is what happens when I write in the mid of the happenings in the plenary 🙂 but everything is well and I am learning and enjoying a lot.. how are things in Adam? beijos dd

3. apoema - January 25, 2006

hi, dear
just passing to say “hi”,
new york has been great.
hope you are fine.
missing you.
big kisses, k 😉

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