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the sur-real capital January 26, 2006

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National Congress…landing in a sunny brasilia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bras%C3%ADlia), was followed by an immediate sightseeing tour around the capital, where Alessandro in his ‘mafioso-black-consultant car’ drove me through the plano piloto and some rich area quarters..

I felt like diving into a world of matrix – no people on the streets, hardly any cars, just an amazing view of incredibly organised buildings separated by empty avenues.. 

 brasilia-bridge.jpg  Brasilia-bridge-2.jpg – JK bridge dividing the Lagoa

 Brasilia-from-the-car.jpg – driving in Brasilia..

Brasilia-cathedral.jpg  Brasilia-cathedral-and-mini.jpg – Plano piloto – Cathedral and Ministries

Brasilia-commercial-centre.jpg – Commercial Centre

This feeling was strengthened by an amazing cake-shop at the corner of SQN 200 street in the North, Alessandro’s spacious appartment planed for civil servants, with a collective swimming pool and sauna on the roof, and everything looking so perfect comparing to my previous experience of the constrastful Brazil…

well, that was my real first introduction to plano piloto, where after some rest, and sauna, the night went on in a again sur-real samba party (where I think everyone was a lawyer, or civil servant and very interested talking to a blond ‘gringa’ – thank g-d I was not there alone!) with the most amazing quality life music and some dance – so much different from the open street samba party of recife..  

saturday was another sur-real experience, when Dudu took me for a ‘test-drive’ (of a sailing-boat he is intending to buy) on the sur-really artificial Lagoa with its amazing bridge.. wow – that was really something, and I fully regret my camera was without bateries!!! (sorry no pictures from there..)

sunday was largely spent at the waterfalls close to Dudu’s house, where Du and Alessandro decided to create a new natural swimming pool and cleaned ‘a newly discovered’ mini-water fall and created a lake around it..  

du-cacheira-2-with-aless.jpg – after harrd work…

I wont mention the many driving around – the only possible sighteseeing around the city, just the monday’s amazing experience of another samba club in the commercial disctrict – this time in a rock samba fashion, where we partied with Barbara, Dudu and Alessandro..

aless-and-barbara.jpg du-di-barb-aless.jpg – at samba club..

Tuesday was hectic: Barbara called me (waking me up) at 10.30AM to be at the ministry at 11AM to have a meeting with the Matilde Ribeiro, the Minister for the Promotion of Racial Equality – something that Barbara and Eloa Katia (another new friend from Recife working in Brasilia) though was a good idea.. rushing I made it at 11.15 and met this very energetic knowledgeable and inspiring black lady for about 45 min, during which she introduced me to the one year old work of their new ministry (established by Lula) and some of the challenges they are facing, while I shared with her some of the current happenings in the youth field and anti-racism in Europe.. Apparently she liked me, cause she asked for another meeting before I left.. – so may be some new projects to be developed 🙂

min-racial-affairs.jpg – Barbara in her office Min for Promotion of Racial Equality

in the evening I saw an amazing brazilian documentary about the hero of Bossa Nova ‘Vinicius’ de Moraes – recommending to everyone!

yesterday, with Dudu and Dande (the friend from Acre working for WWF, who was visiting WWF brasilia) we went to the ZOO, where I hoped to see a life tatu Armadillo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armadillo) – which to my dissappointment did not happen 😦 but instead saw all kinds of other brazilian animals (snakes, araras, panthers, etc.), as well as girafes and elephants from africa…

the evening was again full of project planning and discussions about youth policy and training in brasil, which turned out that today I largely spent in front of the computer organising my visits in brasilia and gathering materials…

in the evening awaiting more meetings and may be even more party.. but this time will try to be more in touch..

kisses to all!




1. ditta - January 27, 2006

Didi, dakujem za relativne dlho ocakavane nove spravy. Tesim sa, ze sa mas dobre a mozem to ex post s Tebou prezivat. Teplo si neviem predstavit- tu v Blave je -8 st.C, ale bolo i -17st C. Ak mozes zas sa ozvi. Pusinky mami Zuzi

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