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..long awaited pictures! January 30, 2006

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..still in Brasilia, where my bio-rhytm indicated a real city-vacation party mood: my breakfast is at lunch, lunch in the afternoon and dinners at night and party until early morning 😉

Chourinho (old fashioned way of samba with acoustic instruments,) and samba parties in Brasilia are great – at least the ones I had the chance to visit, not talking about the great diversity of wonderful restaurants, which vary from ‘chourasco’ – beef, ‘nordestinian feijao’, ‘bahian mouqueca’ – fish and sea food dish, japaneese sushi, french crepes, italian pizza – well basically anything you can think of – have been really spoiling myself here in a culinary way..

Friday night Du, Aless and I went for a dinner to Soraia and her partner Fabian. They both work for the Ministry of Education at the department of environment and sustainable development, where one of their target groups is youth.. so with some pizza and wine we had great discussions about policy, education, youth and life in general.. where from we went for the already mentioned samba party 🙂 and stayed until late…. … ..

saturday was sleepy. but after a good lunch, Alessandro and I ended up in another samba place – Calef, where they started to play already at 4PM – and we stayed until 10PM and exhausted from the constant move and groove, managed to satisfy our stomachs at a creperie and ‘miss the opportunity of another late samba evenings’..

sunday was an excursion day with visits of three churches:

Catedral Metropolitana da Nossa Senhora Aparecida  ,

Igreja dom Bosco  

and the Ecumenical Temple of Boa Vontade

All three amazing architectural constructions!

In the evening, we (Du, Aless and Barbara) went to a theatre play of a Bio-scenic threatre group called ‘White page’, which was great – people studying theatre engaged in a process of a play development with lots of great music and dance. Loved it – and even could understand!! the play was about a theatre writer who was commissioned to write a play but could not decide how to develop its characters and put all his thinking and philosophy, emotions and problems of the world on a paper of the script.. in the meantime, his relationship was disintegrating.. – well reminded me of someone dear to me..

today is spent on organising the rest of my trip, again kind of decided to change my schedule and it is likely that will leave Brasilia for Sao Paulo on Thurday night, spend a few days in S.P. and on Wednesday travel again to the North of the country – all the way to Fortaleza, where will participate in the Universidade de Juventude, a training seminar for 40 municipality civil servants working with youth in the state of Ceará (and may be even give a lecture on European Youth Policy).. From there will travel on the coast South through Natal, Joao Pessoa all the way until Recife and Olinda and the CARNAVAL..

As am again using the good services of UNDP Brasil, and have a good internet connection, I am uploading some of the pictures from the past.. so enjoy!!!

more soon, Kisses dd



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