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..last days in Brasilia & arrival to Sao Paulo February 3, 2006

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..at the moment I am at GYAN office (Global Youth Action Network www.youthlink.org) in Sao Paulo, sitting next to Jonah and having a little time to reflect on the passed few days.

Tuesday, 31st January

was picked up by Sumaya and Dudu and we went to the National Park of Brasilia, also called Mineral Waters or Aguas Minerais, where there is a natural water reserve and a beautiful park, which we did not have a change to explore due to the pouring rain..

aguas-minerais.jpg      aguas-minerais-rain.jpg

after a good lunch in a vegetarian restaurant, Dudu and I went for a visit to the International Education Institute for Brasil – Instituto International de Educacao do Brasil (www.iieb.org.br), where got a graet explanation of the activities by Camilia and had a very stimulating discussion with the programme director and author of a publication on the methodology of participation.

then we paid a visit to the Youth Secretary of the Presidency of the Brasilian government, which is seated in this amazing building:

secretaria-da-juventude2.jpg secretaria-da-juventude.jpg

…in the evening, Barbara, Dudu and I made a trip to the city Taguatinga in the periphery of Brasilia to take part in a cultural people’s festival coorganised by a local cultural centre and different ministries. The programme presented a great variety of workshops, local musicians, and even a Maracatu group from Recife! was with lots of fun and dancing.. and later a dinner with some people we met around..

taguatinga2.jpg dinner-taguatinga.jpg taguatinga.jpg

Wednesday 1 February

started with a delayed meeting (due to my slow morning and a visit to the BRA office – as I finally decided to fly to SP to save time and energy, and be able to participate in my farewell party Dudu was organising for me..) with the INTERAGIR group – a geuine youth organisation based in Brasilia but with a net work all over the country (www.interagir.org.br) – to my surprise they have their office in an amazing building of the Brasilia Shopping – see below:


They also run a youth information server on environmental issues: www.protagonismojuvenil.org.br . There together with Alessandro, Mateus and Renata from Interagir agreed to have another meeting on the following day to discuss some projects..

Interagir.jpg – Renata e Natalia from Interagir

After that I had a unique opportunity to walk in Brasilia and go all the way up the TV tower which offers the most amazing view of Brasilia

brasilia-view-tower.jpg brasilia-view.jpg

..from there were finally to a class of Bolero to the samba school (I took the most advanced class and still was a bit dissappointed by the easiness of the level.. but well, the teacher was great!!)

Thursday – 2 Feb

…my last day in Brasilia – went with Lou (from the States I met in Acre), Sumaya and her daughter Ananda to the Museu of Indigenous People, which was unfortunately closed. So we went at least to the Museu of Juscelino Kubitchek and his memorial – impressive design!!


after a nice lunch with Cris from UNDP and Alessandro, we headed to the meeting with Interagir about a manual on youth politicy and participation in Brasil, which was inspiring and needs to be followed up. Then we headed to the World Bank office, where I assisted Alessandro the finalisation of the Report from the Recife events.. and after a delicious ice-cream and a party shopping we finally arrived to Dudu’s place for the farewell party – which was great!!! Really Du, thank you so much for this initiative! Was great to meet your friends and see and all the diversity of people I met at various places basically know each other 😉 and all of you was great to spend time with you in Brasilia and all the other places..





This morning left for the airport and to my surprise while queueing met Mateus from Interagir travelling to SP with the same flight! ..and I ended up going with him from the airport and his friends Massao (from www.ispis.org.br) and Black (from www.cala-bocajamorreu.org) and ended up here at the GYAN office, reading emails from Brasilia that I should meet these guys as well as the organisations, that have offices next to GYAN such as the Artemisia Foundation (www.artemisiafoundation.org.br) and Aracati (www.aracati.org.br)..

curious what the next days will bring, I wish you a nice weekend and a restful Shabbat 😉





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