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Fortaleza and the Universidade da Juventude February 10, 2006

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just a quick hi, as no real internet connection here and am using the reception to send a report to my dear TNU with a few days delay..

..arrived here on Wednesday (after my trip to Sao Paulo, about which I would like to write more, but I guess some other time), and after a warm welcome from the side of the organisers as well as the weather, I got to a Sesc recreation centre about 20 km from Fortaleza, where the University on Youth (http://www.universidadedajuventude.org.br/site/inicial/index.php) is taking place with 40 municipality workers as participants.. really amazing. Yesterday also managed to deliver a presentation of European Youth Policy – principles and mechanisms in portuguese (talking for 2 hours with people patiently listening was a real success!!)

Now staying here for a little longer to enjoy the close beach and talk to the participants and people from the organisation here from Ceara.

will be back with more soon, but for now just good wishes for the weekend and a nice shabbat!




1. bicyclemark - February 10, 2006

Ola querida Ditta… greetings from the Dutch border with Germany where Im about to go play in the snow. Record one of these presentations please! Ill post it on your weblog for you and we can all listen and live the moment! anyway… muitos beijinhos frios desta terra cheia de neve.

2. Márjorie - February 13, 2006

Olá Ditta! Seria muito legal ler seu blog, caso eu o entendesse 🙂
Por onde anda? tudo beleza(essa te ensinaram né?)?
Cadê as fotos, mande-me por e-mail sim?

3. ditta - February 13, 2006

Oi gente!
sim tudo otimo aqui em Fortaleza! agora estou desenvolvindo um projeto de formacao ‘online’ sobre as politicas publicas de juventude 🙂 muito legal.. acho que a praia deve esperar ate amanha para mim..

Mark – nao consegui de gravar nada durante a universidade, mais vou tentar de fazer isso ainda com as pessoas da uni…

Marjorie – que legal que voce olha o meu sitio.. sim vou enviar as fotos cedo!

beijos a todos, dd

4. ditta - February 16, 2006

Ahoj Didi moja, netrpezlivo cakam nove spravy- dnes je uz 16teho a posledne si pisala 10teho. Ja viem, ze sme spolu hovorili v sobotu a s Dajkou si predvcerom, ale som zvedava,ako sa mas. Uz si pohltena virom karnevaloveho tanca ? Davaj si pozor a maj sa vynikajuco. Pozdravy a pusinky m.Zuzi

5. Gerard - February 18, 2006

Chere Ditta,
J’espere que tu vas bien. Tu auras beaucoup à nous raconter mais je pense simplement que je le lirais dans tes yeux, sans que tu dises un mot. Je lirais la richesse de ce voyage. Reviens vite aussi !

6. jesse - February 20, 2006

Dear Ditta,
Actually, I feel as anxious as your mother and gerard to hear from you forthcoming.
My last email to you was extensive and maybe overloaded. I assure you that all is quite different now.
As far as the practical stuff, that still stands.
With much affection,

7. ditta - February 22, 2006

dear all, thanks for the messages! tout va tres bien, sauf je n´ai pas trop acces a internet.. thinking fo you.. and writing my new post.. love dd

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