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from Natal.. February 22, 2006

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apologies for disappearing, the truth is that was too lazy to sit in front of the screen, in the flow of happenings here..

now again dont have much time,but at least some pictures with coments..

in principle am travelling now with Alessandro on the North-East coast from Fortaleza through Canoa Quebrada, Natal, etc … all the way to Recife/Olinda, where from I will continue to Rio.

Everything is cool, am seeing amazing beaches, meeting interesting people and projects and enjoying myself.

Hope will be able to write more soon, though could be only after Carnaval which here started already on Monday 😉

here are some pictures from Fortaleza..

view-fortaleza.jpg fortaleza-city-centre.jpg – Fortaleza city centre

dragao-do-mar.jpg bridge-dragao-do-mar.jpg – cultural centre Dragao do Mar

beira-do-mar.jpg beira-do-mar-2.jpg – Fortaleza City Beach Beira Mar

Fortaleza-(56)-mercado.jpg Fortaleza-(76)-cathedral.jpg Fortaleza-(88)-book-market.jpg – Fortaleza Market, cathedral and school book market

Fortaleza-(103)-ditta-and-b.jpg – oldest baobab tree in the city imported originally from Africa

Fortaleza-(107).jpg Fortaleza-(113)-jewish-tomb.jpg Fortaleza-(111).jpg – historical cemetery where discovered also Jewish tombs!!!

Fortaleza-(23)-curso-uni-ju.jpg Fortaleza-(5)-uni-de-juvent.jpg University of Youth, Sesc Caucaia

Fortaleza-(2)-du-di.jpg – after a nap on the beach with Du..

youth-course-for-the-city.jpg aless-lecture.jpg – youth policy training for the municipality of Fortaleza

Fortaleza-(48)-dunes.jpg Fortaleza-(51)-ditta-on-dun.jpg

Fortaleza-(45)-car-and-buge.jpg Dunes next to Fortaleza – Cambuco

Serrinha-favela-Fortaleza.jpg Serrinha-favela-Fortaleza-e.jpg Serrinha-favela-Fortaleza-c.jpg

Serrinha – favela in the periphery of Fortaleza

Serrinha-favela-Fortaleza-g.jpg Serrinha-favela-Fortaleza-b.jpg where my guides from the Hip Hop movements explained to me the social transformation of the previously drug led periphery..

more soon, love dd



1. Oksana - February 22, 2006

She’s back! Alive! Full of new experiences.
Had no doubts, you were enjoying your time wherever you were spending it! Just missed you and hearing from you.
Have a great time experiencing carnaval!
Looking forward to your stories!

2. ditta - February 27, 2006

yes am back online.. now at the airport in recife waiting for my crazy mid carnaval flight to Rio.. more soon, love, dd

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