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..leaving Recife February 27, 2006

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..waiting for the plane in the mid carnaval that will displace me from Recife/Olinda to Rio de Janeiro.

the past few days was discovering amazing beaches of the states of Rio Grande do Norte and Paraiba – which I liked the most.. Driving around in a relaxed atmosphere, wonderful weather, great food – really to be recommended to everyone!

Here are at least some pictures from the trip:

Canoa Quebrada – meaning a ‘broken canoe’ – an amazing beach resort with dunes (state of Ceara)

Canoa-Quebrada-020.jpg Canoa-Quebrada-021.jpg

Canoa-Quebrada-023.jpg Canoa-Quebrada-026.jpg

Canoa-Quebrada-029.jpg Canoa-Quebrada-031.jpg

Canoa-Quebrada-035.jpg Canoa-Quebrada-036.jpg

Canoa-Quebrada-037.jpg – me playing in the dunes 😉

Natal – the capital of Rio Grande do Norte – a city of amazing beaches, dunes and very active youth work:

Natal-001.jpg Natal-003.jpg

– main city beach and the place where we stayed
Natal-004-jemanja.jpg Natal-034-beach.jpg

– view from the window 🙂
Natal-009-view-from-the-hil.jpg Natal-036-waiting-for-the-f.jpg

– view from the hill and trip to the dunes – with a ferry over the river, where we then rented a ‘buger’ – this kind of fancy car you can see on the picture to be able to drive in the dunes..
Natal-039-view-of-natal-fro.jpg Natal-035-crossing-the-rive.jpg

– view of Natal from the Dunes and one of the many beautiful islands in the sea
Natal-043-lagoa-in-dunes.jpg Natal-057-dunes-and-sea.jpg

– lagoa (with crocodiles!) in the middle of the dunes and the view on the sea

Natal-028-hiphop-space-outs.jpg Natal-030-in-front-of-the-h.jpg

Natal-032-hip-hopers.jpg – visit of the Hip Hop movement in the periphery of Natal

Golpinho beach – ‘beach of the dolphins’ – unfortunately did not see any 😦

Golphinho-beach-(1).jpg Golphinho-beach-(2).jpg

Golphinho-beach-(5)-dd.jpg Golphinho-beach.jpg

and finally Paraiba:

Praia-Ca...Bus-(13)-paraiba.jpg Praia-Ca...Bus-(5)-paradise.jpg

– walking and relaxing at the beach

Praia-Ca...Bus-(2).jpg Praia-Ca...Bus-(7)-relaxing.jpg

Praia-Ca...Bus-(9)-aless.jpg Television-farm-(1).jpg

Alessandro – my travel companion; and a advertisment for a television sale and repair 🙂
…arrival to Recife was a little unprepared, as failed to contact people and arrange accommodation in advance, but everything ended up cool, and finally experienced the opening of the carnaval in Recife and Olinda.. feel a little sorry to leave tonight, as at midnight, there will be a great concert with the best artists staring.. but well, hopefully arrival to RJ will be smooth in spite of the late hour of arrival and tomorrow with a full RJ carnaval experience..

will write more soon, love, dd



1. Gérard - February 27, 2006

Salut Ditta,
Le stage avec Dudu (Barzilai) a été super ! Et le gymnase était chauffé ! Tu nous a manqué (pas de Tequila après, juste de la bière) mais sans doute t’amuses tu aussi au carnaval de RJ…TU danses un max alors ?
Gérard (celui de Paris)
PS : Vincent aussi se demande pourquoi tu vas si loin pour t’amuser !

2. jesse - March 3, 2006

Hi, Ditta,
So, when are you returning? My memory tells me march 10. I see you have a great time. That is good for you, but you again haven’t posted a message in a long time. I can’t help getting anxious about these things (you remember when you went dancing the first time in Buitenveldert and I thought it took too long for to return? It is not the same, but similar.) All the best, sabadu bueno (saboto buena),

3. ditta - March 4, 2006

Bonjour Gerard, j´ai bien pense a vous tous, super que le weekend cest bien passe.. ici il fait tres chaud et je passe mes journees a la plage..
a tres bientot , bisous dd

Jessenko, how are you? is everything ok? am well, just had no real e-access, spending my days at the beach and nights usually parties..
yes I will be back on the 10th early in the morning.. will be in touch though my phone died.. kisses dd

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