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back to Amsterdam! March 15, 2006

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and I am back.


5 degrees Amsterdam with a cold sun smiling at me from the other side of the Earth.

already missing Brasil – and hope to be back there soon..

but for now am here, and am full of stories to share and new ideas to develop, so all of you who are around, lets meet soon!

..para os brasileiros – acho que vou continuar esse blog para compratilhar algumas coisas da minha vida aqui em Europa.. Entao estamos em contato! e ate cedo!


PS: will be still completing the blog with missing pictures and some additonal stories I had no time to write – so if interested check it out for more on my trip.. ciao for now


leaving Rio for Sao Paulo March 7, 2006

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not easy to believe that my trip is coming to the end.. this morning left Rio filled with mixed emotions of sadness, regret that could not stay longer – even played with the idea of missing the plane, but with a strange certaintly that ´will be back soon´.

sao paulo welcomed me with a safe place to think, reflect and prepare for the coming back to Europe. staying at lis´s place, walking in the European like Vila Madalena getting in contact with friends to say good bye and get some last minutes presents and literature.

Leaving tomorrow evening,so still a full day ahead of me to prepare for the post-winter.

so until soon, with more,dd

Sambodromo in RJ March 5, 2006

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last night was really an experience! six winning sambaschools entered the sambodromo and each in about 1h20 presented the best thematic show I have ever experienced!

in spite of the same rules of the ´desfile´ each school was distinguisheably different and had a unique character. started at about 8 PM and finished about 4 – 5 AM – so you can imagine how I look and feel now after sleeping a few hours..

just to give you a taste – a few pictures:


Rio-de-Janeiro-2-(23)-aless.jpg – and two more schools to go…
now my last two days in RJ and back to SP to get the flight back to Europe..


– Aless and his grand-ma and Louro – at Copacabana, who kindly offered me hospitality
Rio-de-Janeiro-2-(85).jpgRio-de-Janeiro-2-(93)-dd-la.jpg   – last moment at Ipanema
so my todays plan is Ipanema, Sugar mountain and relaxation with some thoughts about the future… also need to finish one project description I started to develop with the University of Youth and TNU..

so that is it for now and more soon, kisses dd

from Buzios March 4, 2006

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Dear All

am well at a beautiful beach resort, in a few hours coming back to Rio for the desfile fo the winning samba schools! so very much looking forwards!

am fine, relaxed and relaxing.. coming back very soon on the 10th march. will try to write more before leaving..

kisses dd

PS: at least some pictures from the time in Rio de Janeiro and Buzios:

RJ – samba block on Ipanema

Rio-(17)-ipanema.jpg Rio-(19)-samba-block.jpg Rio-(23)-Ipanema-samba-bloc.jpg – stuck in a crowd 😉
RJ – Beaches of Joatinga, Prainha, Grumari

Rio-(35)-beaches-of-RJ.jpg – beaches of RJ

Rio-(5)-Joatinga.jpg Rio-(2)-future-house.jpg

Rio-(3)-Joatinga.jpg – Joatinga
Rio-(34)-Prainha.jpg Rio-(50)-back-fomr-ipanema.jpg

Rio-(37)-Grumari.jpg Rio-(39)-Aless-Dande-Grumar.jpg

Beach of Grumari – with Aless and Dande

Rio-(42)-grumari.jpg Rio-(46)-grumari-islands.jpg

Rio-(49)-grumari-sunset.jpg – sunset Grumari

and the beaches of Buzios:

Buzios-031.jpg Buzios-020.jpg

Buzios-025-beach.jpg Buzios-029-aless-e-bianca.jpg

Aless and his family..

Buzios-004-dinner.jpg Buzios-023-uncle.jpg