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from Buzios March 4, 2006

Posted by ditta in Uncategorized.

Dear All

am well at a beautiful beach resort, in a few hours coming back to Rio for the desfile fo the winning samba schools! so very much looking forwards!

am fine, relaxed and relaxing.. coming back very soon on the 10th march. will try to write more before leaving..

kisses dd

PS: at least some pictures from the time in Rio de Janeiro and Buzios:

RJ – samba block on Ipanema

Rio-(17)-ipanema.jpg Rio-(19)-samba-block.jpg Rio-(23)-Ipanema-samba-bloc.jpg – stuck in a crowd 😉
RJ – Beaches of Joatinga, Prainha, Grumari

Rio-(35)-beaches-of-RJ.jpg – beaches of RJ

Rio-(5)-Joatinga.jpg Rio-(2)-future-house.jpg

Rio-(3)-Joatinga.jpg – Joatinga
Rio-(34)-Prainha.jpg Rio-(50)-back-fomr-ipanema.jpg

Rio-(37)-Grumari.jpg Rio-(39)-Aless-Dande-Grumar.jpg

Beach of Grumari – with Aless and Dande

Rio-(42)-grumari.jpg Rio-(46)-grumari-islands.jpg

Rio-(49)-grumari-sunset.jpg – sunset Grumari

and the beaches of Buzios:

Buzios-031.jpg Buzios-020.jpg

Buzios-025-beach.jpg Buzios-029-aless-e-bianca.jpg

Aless and his family..

Buzios-004-dinner.jpg Buzios-023-uncle.jpg



1. bicyclemark - March 4, 2006

Samba School, Carnaval, Beach resorts… I would go crazy from all the nice things…

Coming back soon, very exciting… enjoy the last week…. beijinhos.

2. ditta - March 5, 2006

thanks Mark, will do! see you soon! dd

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