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Sambodromo in RJ March 5, 2006

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last night was really an experience! six winning sambaschools entered the sambodromo and each in about 1h20 presented the best thematic show I have ever experienced!

in spite of the same rules of the ´desfile´ each school was distinguisheably different and had a unique character. started at about 8 PM and finished about 4 – 5 AM – so you can imagine how I look and feel now after sleeping a few hours..

just to give you a taste – a few pictures:


Rio-de-Janeiro-2-(23)-aless.jpg – and two more schools to go…
now my last two days in RJ and back to SP to get the flight back to Europe..


– Aless and his grand-ma and Louro – at Copacabana, who kindly offered me hospitality
Rio-de-Janeiro-2-(85).jpgRio-de-Janeiro-2-(93)-dd-la.jpg   – last moment at Ipanema
so my todays plan is Ipanema, Sugar mountain and relaxation with some thoughts about the future… also need to finish one project description I started to develop with the University of Youth and TNU..

so that is it for now and more soon, kisses dd



1. ditta - March 7, 2006

Ahoj DIDI,
tak posledny den vo vysnenej krajine. Viem, uz je Ti teraz luto. Ale su aj krasne navraty a ja viem, ze hrozi coskory navrat do tej krasnej a velkej krajiny. Viem aj , ze sa tesis na navrat na stary kontinent. A dufam, aj domov. Prajem Ti krasnu rozlucku a stastlivy a krasny let a prichod do Amsterdamu. Kedy zajtra odlietas ? Prosim, nezabudni sa hned rano 10-teho ozvat. Pripadne po ceste. Myslim stale na Teba. Vsetko dobre ,pa a pusu mami Zuzi

2. jesse - March 7, 2006

Hi ditta,
Just tell me: what time are you arriving friday, and where do you plan to stay?? Enjoy your last hours.

3. ditta - March 7, 2006

ahoj mami, som uz v Sao Paule, u Lis a zajtra v noci letim dalej.. ozvem sa z adamu.. myslim na vas a tesim sa coskoro.. pusa, dd

jesse, will get in touch upon my arrival.. just am without a functioning phone.. till soon. kisses dd

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